FongBruce Fong, D.O.

To all our NOMA family,

As we move forward into another year, we face an ever evolving landscape in Osteopathic medicine.  New challenges in practice as well as political climates will impact us all.

As the recently inaugurated president, I will pledge to maintain the best of what NOMA has always been.

As educators we will constantly strive to bring forth the best of CME from core knowledge to the latest emerging topics

As a constant sentry, NOMA will try to keep abreast of all the topics that could affect your practices and to interact with our membership to help shape legislative policy as it is put forth.

As a support for all our individual members in assisting in whatever means possible (our family per se.)

Even with all this, we as an organization must evolve and possible reinvent ourselves to strive not only for continued relevancy but truly for excellence in the future.  To this end we will endeavor to build closer ties with our osteopathic medical schools, build alliances with other state and specialty societies (look forward to some joint and larger meetings) as well as increasing our presence within the state by having other events beyond CME.

Thank you all for continuing to be part of our great family and I invite you to join our efforts to make NOMA the greatest example of what a medical society should be. Bruce Fong, D.O.


Executive Director Picture 2013Denise Selleck, CAE

After 21 years of serving NOMA, I am resigning as Executive Director.  I have taken on a new challenge here in Las Vegas and will be managing the Nevada Health Care Association.  Serving NOMA has been a educational and personal growth experience as well as great fun.  I have had the pleasure to work with caring, knowledgable and kind individuals on the board, our members and our conference attendees. You have been my bosses, friends and heros. I will miss each of you. It has been an honor and priviledge to serve your profession.  I encourage each of you to take a bigger part in directing where medicine and medical care is headed in Nevada.  Your patients depend on you and your understanding of their needs.  No one is better situated to work for patients. No one else will work for osteopathic medicine.  

Again, thank you for the memories and the OMT.  Denise